Small Business Saturday Is Here!

We have been a small business for the last four years now and it is a full time job and a half.

All of the different parts that make a business or entity function is amazing to say the least.

From creating the thing your business is built around, creating the content, writing a clever caption, interacting with other accounts online, responding to comments, messages, crafting the next email about your thing, thinking about what's the next thing, making the actual thing. It's a lot of things, and when done well it is a beautiful sight. It's far from easy and most of the time takes a village to maintain, so from us we are so thankful to you reading this and all of the time you have spend with little piece of the internet, it seriously means the world to us and simply couldn't do with you. 

Today we wanted to share some of our favorite businesses that we know you will love and the deals they have going on this weekend.

In no particular order and without further a due.

North End Bag Company

Northend Bag Company is the company that had the chance to design a signature Stay Bag with. It was if you took our home and made it into a bag, it was perfect! They create some of the finest hand made accessories I've ever seen or felt. Their small team creates a stunning span of well designed products and each one of them is made with an insane amount of care.

Deal:15% Off $100 or more

Instagram @northendbagco

Reef Rain Aria

Jessica from Reef Rain Aria might be the sweetest person that we have met this year. When we officially met in person for a project we were working on together I think we became instant friends. She makes the most thoughtful and timeless gifts. Hand stamped books that can be customized and beautiful hand made bracelets. I have about three sets of them and I am in love.

Shop Books and Bracelets Here

Plant Bar

Plant Bar is a staple in the Virginia Beach Area.

The go to place for plants, ceramics, vases, plant care, you name it they have it.

Every time we walk into the store or see a picture of it we feel like we are stepping into an oasis. They have plants we have never seen before and the most beautiful versions of plants we recognize. If you haven't been in their store, you have to go!

Deal: 20% Plants In Store

Instagram @Plantbarvb

Coastal Boho Studio

Coastal Boho is one of our favorite places to shop for neutral styled pillows! 

She stocks all different types of boho/neutral decor and just added some new wall hangings. You are going to love them.

Deal: Free Shipping $100 or more

Instagram: @Coastalbohostudio

Carly Jeans Los Angeles

Carly Jean has definitely stolen my heart.

I have been searching for neutral clothes for years and might find a piece or two from a site, but when I found Carly Jean the search was over.

They are constantly stocking new items and somehow I love every single one of them.

Deal: 30% Off Code: GIVEBIG

Instagram @carlyjeanlosangeles

Day Crafter

Daycrafter is the cutest hand made shop I have seen in years! Every single item she makes is 10/10 and is somehow on trend every time. We got some ornaments from her to put on our tree and they are the items that people notice in every single photo.

If you need some new modern ornaments or a cute rattan pop socket, this is your girl.

Deal: 25% Off Sitewide

Instagram @daycrafter

Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams is an absolute legend. She is one of the most beautiful souls that we have come across on instagram and her artwork shows that.

Making gorgeous hand dyed tapestries she is truly the icon of woven artwork and you're going to love her.

Shop Artwork Here

Instagram @laurenwilliamsart

Jars Of Dust

Jars Of Dust is a hand made ceramic shop that is cranking out the most adorable modern ceramics. She has color ways and shapes that fit every single design style! If you go to see North End make sure you pop in to see Mallorie right next door to them.

Shop Ceramics Here

VB Picnic Co

The best idea that no one has thought of. Abby and Hailey of VB Picnic Co started their luxury picnic business this year and have absolutely taken off and are already making a name for themselves. This twin duo is constantly taking their picnic setups to the next level and they are absolutely magical.

Deal 10% Off Picnic Code: BLACKFRIDAY10

Instagram @thevbpicnicco/

The Home Mind

The Home Mind is another one of our favorite spots to find neutral home decor. If you've been following us for a little while you would have seen their pillows taken up and down our stairs being staged on our bed and couches. We seriously love all of their designs and style! If you're on the hunt for some new items you will love them.

Deal 15% Off Sitewide

Instagram @thehomemind

Renee Beamer

Renee Beamer is the definition of a peach. You can just hear it through every word that she types out. We are still dying to meet her!

She makes so many adorable wall hangings and the ones above are probably my favorite.

Shop Wall Art Here

Instagram @reneebeamer


Thuma is the bed frame you may have seen from our timelapse videos in our bedroom. The bed frame that can be put together in 3 minutes or less is definitely one of our favorite items we have gotten over the last couple of years. 

Simple modern design and is absolutely timeless.

Shop Bed Frames Here.


Stay By Cori Samuel

If you're not sure how you got here, hi! This is Cori and Sam from Stay! We design and create modern artwork, share our fave businesses, and home inspo to help you make your home a place you love to stay.

Large artwork to tie your room together and small pieces like our Luna's to complete it.

Shop Artwork & Pampas

Instagram @Staybycorisamuel

Thank you so much for thinking about shopping small this year and we hope that you were able to get inspired and find exactly what you are looking for.

Happy Holidays!!

-Cori + Sam

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