Winter In The Desert Collection


Neutral. Clean. Classy. 

A mixture of our best selling items and a new love for warm neutral colors, gives birth to the Winter In The Desert Collection. 

Inspired by the modern beach and bohemian vibes of California and Australia, we've been on an journey of making our own house a place that we love to come home to.

Just a couple of months ago our place looked nothing like we wanted it to. There were too many plants, too many clashing colors, and we just felt sort of tanked about which direction to go.

Luckily the instagram algorithm kept showing us all of these gorgeous neutral homes in Australia, Cali, or in Miami giving us some real envy and made us want to move immediately lol. So we set in motion a journey to figure out what those house in far away places did to make the inside of their house look the way they did.
There is plenty to talk about here for another blog!


This collection started with our most popular piece The Fairwind, which is an all white and our signature Driftwood piece with thin gold accents. It's so neutral and it epitomizes the series, but we wanted to go further. 

 We started playing around with idea of this creamy tan color to be a bridging tone to help blend some of the others that we work with and it was a winner for us!So it became an instant staple in our first new piece of the collection, the Taylen. It started as a commissioned piece that changed a couple of times, but we finally landed on what we now know as the Taylen. 

Something Familiar

From there we wanted to see what other classic, best selling designs could be revamped in this Desert color scheme. The Rosemont and the Kai were two other pieces who got the immediate Desert treatment and we just wish we thought of it sooner. They are two of our favorite pieces out of the collection and are already so well received.

Something New

We then knew we wanted to take the chance to come up with a hand full of new pieces. The first two pieces we made together were the Brinley and the Kinsley. 

They are two of our pieces that have hand made custom marble paintings in the middle of them with the Toasted Cream ombre on the outside. 

The Brinley being more bright overall, and the Kinsley being a little darker and warmer. 

These pieces are so unique and every time we make one it really is a one of a kind and feels special. These pieces look amazing above a bench/entryway or a mantle!

We hope that you guys love this collection as much as much as we do and can't wait for you to get the time to click on each item and see all the details you can't see from the product page. 

If you found one of these pieces that you love and aren't sure if it's the right size or need a second opinion shoot us a text or email and we would be glad to give you a few personalized suggestion for your place.

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